Argentine Tango Classes in Glasgow

Argentine Tango Classes in Glasgow

Catherine & Wim have been teaching the Authentic Argentinian Tango in Glasgow since 2004. They have had many years of training by influential, world-class teachers.

They make Tango accessible to people of all ages and abilities and get quick results. If you think you can't dance, Catherine & Wim would love to welcome you in their Beginners class. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed.

In the Beginners classes you will learn classic basic Tango steps such as the forward ocho, combinations, embellishments, floor craft, interpreting the music and easy improvisations. Once you master the basics and you move on to a more advanced level, you will learn complex Tango moves and be encouraged to develop your own style.

Dates & Times

We are not teaching our regular Tango classes in 2016-2017. However, you can hire us for workshops or classes by invitation. See our Tango Tipica main site for more information about Tango Tipica.

Steve & Dorne: "Thank you for making the last few weeks so much fun! Also for all your dedication and for showing that maybe I don't have two left feet."

Tom & Emilie:"Their class is very enjoyable, while they are approachable and friendly. Very fast learning, with almost immediate 'results' too."

Why The Glasgow School of Tango is Unique

  • Professionally run and expertly taught classes. Catherine Daniela Dogaer and Wim Taghon have been dancing the Authentic Tango for 18 years and teaching in Glasgow for 11 years — the longest running Tango classes in Glasgow.
  • Everyone enrols with a dance partner so no one needs to sit out. No compulsory partner rotation.
  • Catherine & Wim received many years of formal training by established, world-class Tango teachers.
  • They dance and teach the Authentic Argentinian Tango as it was danced in Buenos Aires in the 1940s — unique in Scotland.
  • They teach in small groups so every dance couple gets personal attention.
  • Over the years Catherine & Wim have developed a unique teaching methodology which is varied and engaging, and will help you fulfil your potential in a fun and relaxed way.

Tango Tipica at Riverside Museum performing to "Negracha" by Carel Kraayenhof y su Sexteto Canyengue, with kind permission. Filming by Dean Kimmet and Brian Loudon; editing by Dean Kimmet. With special thanks to Riverside Museum, Glasgow.

About Us

Tango Tipica's teaching activities are being rebranded as The Glasgow School of Tango.

See our Tango Tipica main site for more information about Tango Tipica.